Ravens or Orioles: Baltimore's Next Champion?

Back and recharged like an iPhone 5s after a brilliant west coast vacation, your boy’s sausage fingers are ready to post some content (in what is considered the doldrums of the sports calendar for hack bloggers everywhere).

That’s because spring training is just a week away and unless you’re a College Hoops guy (this guy) or get down with English Premier League action, then the sports landscape is as slow as Peter Angelos is at writing checks.

So with that as a backdrop, we here at BSR are coming up with creative ways to get you the reader more involved and interactive. And one of those ways is to ask a question like, “Who will win the next Championship? Ravens or Orioles?” Brilliant concept, eh?

Of course, this question just based alone on the O’s lack of activity this off-season is about as competitive as the Broncos were in the Super Bowl.

I get it.

But if you can look past the squeaker type ways of Team Angelos and just base it on the up tick in productivity and competitiveness of the team the past couple seasons, it might not be as big of a boat race for the Purple and Black as it appears on the surface. Or is it?

Reasons Why It’s The Orioles

1. Young Stud SP’s: Both Dylan Bundy and Kevin Gausman could be the next Curt Schilling and Randy Johnson circa 2001 for the D’Backs — OR — One could be the most over hyped minor leaguer whose “career” was cut short due to arm injuries and the other could turn into a future closer/set up guy. My guess is at least one of these potential future “aces” pans out out and becomes an anchor to a starting staff that desperately needs one if they want to compete year in year out for playoff spots.

2. Chris Davis is Babe Ruth 2.0: Why not? Babe’s wrong-handed statue is in danger of getting smashed by a Davis moon shot if he builds upon the break out season he posted in 2013. Although even the most loyal Orange Kool Aid servers like myself do not except the video game type numbers Crash posted last year, if he continues to just post 40+HR’s, 100+ RBI’s while lowering his K totals, this dude just might be the Bambino reincarnated.

3. Peter Angelos grows longer arms: The man is going to turn 85 this coming July 4th. And not to be morbid or just flat out insulting, he’s rounding 3rd and getting ready to slide into home if you catch my drift. So why not just lengthen your arms, PA, and give spending a try while you still can. The MASN money is rolling in and the Nats are assisting in you buying that Bat Mobile your driver push’s you around town in. How fun would a World Series parade be for the Orange and Black fans everywhere down Eutaw St? Pony up, PA.

Reasons Why It’s The Ravens

1. Best. Front. Office. Ever: Between maybe the best owner in all of sports, Steve Bisciotti and the best talent evaluational staff in the NFL, the Ravens are a model of consistency when it comes to winning. Doing whatever it takes is a motto that this franchise has been all about since moving into that plush downtown stadium they rarely lose in. Add in being set at QB for years to come and a head coach who has already won a SB, but also has been to the playoffs in 5 of his 6 seasons, the Ravens are in great shape to compete for championships year after year.

2. Parity in the NFL: Each year we try and guesstimate who will be playing for the Lombardi Trophy and each year a surprise team makes a run. That’s exactly why the NFL is the hardest to predict and in my opinion gives every team (outside Oakland or Jacksonville) a chance at winning it all. The Ravens just showed that a mere two years ago going on a monster heater to capture their second championship in the last 15 years.

3. Salary cap/Draft selections: This premise gets piggy backs on the one reason above, but it also shows how this team is built to win a championship, not just make the playoffs year after year. Always thinking ahead of the next contract or selecting the “highest rated on our board” motto they live by at the Castle, the Ravens always seem to make the right move. That doesn’t always mean that every decision comes up blackjack, but if you were betting on them you would be in the black for sure.

So now it’s your turn.

Tell us why you think it’s the Orioles or Ravens below on the message board. Be as brutally honest as you animals usually are when crushing a BSR staff member on one of their well-crafted posts. Show us “hacks” how it’s done on why it’s the Ravens who will be celebrating the next Championship. Prove to us why it’s the Orioles who will be the ones getting fitted for their World Series rings first.