Let’s get this part of the post out of the way: it’s just the preseason. That said, there were somethings to like and some things to be concerned about regarding the pass defense of the Baltimore Ravens after two preseason games.

While two preseason games are not a true measuring stick, the Ravens have been playing quite a bit of “bend but don’t break” pass defense. Saturday’s game against the Washington Redskins found the Ravens getting a decent amount of pass rush, but still having problems breaking up pass plays.

Donovan McNabb, in his first half of work threw for over two hundred yards against many of the first teamers on defense. He did face quite a bit of pressure, particularly from Terrell Suggs, who is looking very good so far this preseason. Between McNabb and Rex Grossman, the Redskins threw for over 300 yards of offense. Too bad for the Redskins the Ravens D was stingy in allowing any points, shutting down the scoring after the opening drive of the game. Another positive development was the return of Fabian Washington, who managed to get his first action of the preseason. He broke up a pass and made a tackle, and managed not to get hurt, but he was not tested a lot during his time in the game. Cary Williams also had another interception, his second of the preseason. If he can continue making plays, he will be a welcome addition to the secondary…but he will miss the first two games of the season.

So, we were told that an improved pass rush will make up for less than great secondary play. Through two games, I can’t really say that is the case. Will this be a season of holding our breath whenever the opposing quarterback drops back to pass? Time will tell.