Cam Cameron fell so in love with the run on Sunday against the Browns that he even let backup quarterback Tyrod Taylor give it a shot.  Taylor took a direct snap in a wildcat formation and rushed for two yards in the red zone during the second quarter.

For many Ravens fans it was either a “WTF” or “Oh yeah, I remember that formation” type moment.  Troy Smith’s pass to Joe Flacco in 2008 against the Raiders was one of the best Ravens play calls in their history.

On Monday, Ravens head coach John Harbaugh alluded to some more playing time for Taylor after being asked about his lone wildcat play.  “We’re very confident in Tyrod,” Harbaugh said according to  “We think he’s really good. But he’s a rookie. He hasn’t been in that situation before. His style of play would be different from Joe’s, for sure.”

“We would have to cross that bridge when we got to it. But we are preparing for it. (Taylor) is taking reps in practice. He got his first play this last week. We may see more of that going forward. That’s something we’d like to do.”

Yeah, you read that right.  Harbaugh just said to expect more Tyrod.

Are the Ravens so confident that they’ll pound the lowly Colts or are they remaining mysterious with their competitors heading into the playoffs?