The only thing crazier than a Boy Meets World spinoff is a Ravens fan agreeing with Pete Prisco. The edgy NFL commentator questioned why the Baltimore Ravens would want Ray Lewis back after reports indicated that he could return from his torn triceps before the season’s end.

“They’ve been so much better without him,” Prisco wrote.

I can’t take anything away from Ray Lewis’ storied Hall of Fame career, but in this case, I actually don’t want him back on the field. For the first time in franchise history, the Ravens defense is better off without Ray Lewis.

Baltimore’s defense is finally starting to gel. In their last four games — three of which were on the road — the Ravens are 4-0 and have allowed 20 or fewer points in each matchup. They held the Steelers (without Ben Roethlisberger of course) in Pittsburgh  to ten points and the Chargers in San Diego to 13.

They’re improving the pass rush and finally starting to limit the damage in the air. The Ravens only allowed 175 yards passing against the Steelers and 189 against the Chargers.

While Ray Rice’s miraculous 4th and 29 conversion grabbed all the headlines, it was Baltimore’s defense that helped set up the game tying and game winning drives against the Bolts.

Lewis’ career has been amazing. But at 37, it doesn’t matter how much time during the offseason he spends on a road bike, he’s just not the same guy he used to be. We’ll always remember the speedy, bruising linebacker that Lewis was, but for now he should take his time and let the current roster carry this team to the playoffs.

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