The Ravens did not look like a team whose every move has been scrutinized by the entire country for the past week.  Both sides of the ball improved from last week.

The run game was much improved, with the combination of Bernard Pierce and Justin Forsett combining for 152 yards.  Joe Flacco picked up where he left off in the second half of week one, throwing two touchdowns to Owen Daniels. He also did not record his first incompletion until the 8:11 mark in the second quarter.

The defense was much improved, forcing three turnovers, including a Haloti Ngata interception.  Jimmy Smith shut down Antonio Brown, with Brown recording only two catches in the second half.

Thursday’s victory shows how this team responds when they face adversity after a tough loss week one and a horrible week off the field. Hopefully, the Ravens will carry this performance level for the rest of the season and can move on from being in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.