Ray Rice - Baltimore Ravens RB

And there it is.

The Baltimore Ravens have released running back Ray Rice and the National Football League has suspended him indefinitely after video footage from TMZ was released this morning showing him knocking his fiancee unconscious.

The footage is stomach churning and disgusting to watch, but it’s sad to me that it took visual evidence to finally make everyone agree that Rice had no place on the Ravens or in the NFL. The police saw this video and used it when making their report in February, that information has been available to the public for months. Today’s outrage should have occurred last winter, instead many, including the Ravens themselves, defended Rice and cited his charity work in the community as their reason for doing so.

Those who defended Rice sent me emails and tweets about how I didn’t know what happened in that elevator, despite that evidence in the police report. Today, there’s no disputing it and the Ravens were forced to make the decision they should have made a long time ago.

I’ve seen many give the Ravens credit for “doing the right thing”, but they were forced to make this decision. Had this video not come out, Rice would have served his two game suspension and been back in the field for week three.