Position: Running Back
Height/Weight: 6′ 0″/235 lbs
Age: 28/Experience: 8
College: Miami

Analysis:  Despite a diminishing role over the passed two seasons, Willis McGahee has delivered two of the most impressive runs in Ravens history.  McGahee’s huge run to help close out Texas stadium in 2008 was topped only by his devastating stiff arm in Oakland last year.  Both runs proved that McGahee still has plenty left in the tank and that he can come up big when filling in for the more dynamic Ray Rice.  While not as quick and elusive as his teammate, McGahee has moves to make people miss and he runs with good vision and power.  McGahee also excelled at getting tough yards in the red zone and led the Ravens with 14 touchdowns (which tied a Ravens record).  McGahee is a good pass catcher and perhaps the best back the Ravens have at picking up blitzes.

2010 Outlook:  McGahee is expected to play a similar role to the one he had in 2009.  He will see his share of carries as the Ravens are likely to try and lessen Rice’s work load.  Cam Cameron will often play hunches and go with the hot back or the one who he thinks is most effective against a certain defense.  To his credit McGahee has matured tremendously as a player in his time with the Ravens.  He has dealt well with taking a back seat to Rice and, for the most part, has been prepared when the Ravens have called on him.  McGahee added muscle in the off-season and should have a big season.  A talent like McGahee as a back-up running back is a luxury for the club.  Should Rice miss any time dues to injury, McGahee can step in and the offense would hardly miss a beat.