Position: Strong Safety
Height/Weight: 5’11″/215 lbs.
Age: 25/Experience: 3
College: Notre Dame

Analysis: Toughness is what comes to most people’s minds when thinking about Tom Zbikowski. He is a fighter. He plays all out to the point of being borderline reckless. He’s the man. He also plays behind the great Ed Reed. At times, it is easy to wonder if there is a great talent wasting away on the bench. And then you remember that it is Zbi and he finds other ways to contribute. Truth is that we had some good opportunities to see the way Zbi plays strong safety in 2009 when Ed Reed wasn’t able to contribute. There were a couple noticeable differences. 1) He does not have the range or athleticism of Reed 2) He is much more disciplined than Reed. So while Zbi wasn’t awesome, he was very effective.

2010 Outlook: This guy should have plenty of playing time. Reed will play this year but he will also spend a few games on the sideline. It will be up to the backups to make up the difference. The big question is whether it will be Zbi or Hamlin filling in for Reed. Zbi has also been fielding punts during the preseason and been doing a pretty good job with it. He is a hard worker and a true professional. Tom Zbikowski will make himself know in 2010, one way or another.