Position: Cornerback
Height/Weight: 5’11″/175 lbs.
Age: 27/Experience: 6
College: Nebraska

When it comes to Fabian Washington, it’s hard to say if it is disappointment in him or disappointment in the front office. It’s not that he is a bad player, it’s probably more that he isn’t a shutdown corner. 2009 was a season where Fabian was exposed for the first half of the season. It seemed like he was getting beat all over the place. It was so bad in Minnesota that he was actually benched in favor of Frank Walker. Seriously. Frank Walker. Then the Ravens started to find their groove on defense and #31 started making plays. It was in the game against the Colts where the defense and especially Fabian looked especially strong. Then he tore up his ACL and done for the season.

2010 Analysis: The injury is a big concern. Everyone seems to like what they have been seeing from him, but it’s a tall order to think he has fully recovered. It’s even more concerning now that Foxworth is done for the season. Washington is expected to be the top cover guy on the team. What hopefully has changed this season is that the Ravens have found their pass rush. If the Ravens can get to the QB, then Washington can be effective. If he is asked to be alone on an island, well then it will be up to Flacco and the offense to score some points.