Position: Long Snapper
Height/Weight: 6’6″/272 lbs.
Age: 27 /Experience: 6

On constant theme for 2009 was the kicking game. First, there was the Steve Houshka experiment. Then there was the long snapper debacle. I’m not sure how much one played into the other, but needless to say, no one was happy about it, especially the Special Teams Guru himself, John Harbaugh.Due to the errant FG attempts later in the season, everyone started learning the name of the long snapper, Matt Katula. To be fair, Matt played hurt and the Ravens didn’t have a solid replacement for him. It was not a good situation and no one wants to see that happen again.

2010 Analysis: Katula is back, and he says he is healthy. He is listed as the starter on the Ravens Depth Chart. There is a rookie free agent, Morgan Cox, who is competing for Katula’s job. He lacks the size and experience of Katula. I seriously doubt that Katula has anything to worry about unless his snaps start going awry in practice and preseason games.