Position: Wide Receiver
Height / Weight: 6’5″ 230 lbs.
Age: 23 / Experience: Rookie
College: UNLV

Analysis:  The Baltimore Ravens signed wide receiver Rodelin Anthony as an undrafted free agent out of UNLV in May of 2010.  Anthony is very much a project and was worth a shot due to his size, much like a big man with few proven skills drafted into the NBA with the hope that he can put size and skills together.  The main reason Anthony is a project and a bit of an unknown is because he played sporadically in college.  Anthony was never a consistent starter at UNLV, starting on 15 of 44 total games played.  Even as a senior Anthony started only 2 of 8 games.  Needless to say, Anthony is nowhere near a finished product, or even a polished wide receiver at this point. 

2010 Outlook:  Rodelin Anthony is not likely to make the Ravens final roster.  He is very much a developmental type player, who the Ravens hope catches on quickly enough to make the practice squad.  The hope is that time on the practice squad will allow Anthony to spend time learning more of the nuances of the receiver position.  The good things is, he has some greats in Derrick Mason and Anquan Boldin to learn from.  If he can pick up the skill to go along with his size, Anthony has a future in the NFL.  If not he will be a guy who we say “Huh, remember Rodelin Anthony?” five years from now when looking back at an old Ravens roster.