Position: Tight End
Height / Weight: 6’5″ 247 lbs.
Age: 30 / Experience: 10
College: Arizona State

Last off-season we were wondering if Todd Heap was finished.

I now know that we are no longer wondering.

Last season, we believed that John Harbaugh didn’t like Todd Heap. We thought that LJ Smith might be the answer to the TE position. Then the season started off against the Chiefs and it was clear that HEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAP was back to form. He ended up catching 5 passes for 74 and a touchdown. For the season, he finished with 53 catches, 593 yards and 6 touchdowns. There were still moments in the season where Heap seemed to disappear, but in thos games it became more clear that Heap was needed in pass protecting schemes.

2010 Outlook: Heap is still going to be starting at TE. Heap will still play a valuable role in the offense. A defense can no longer afford to cheat and put a DB on him. The Ravens have too many viable options in the passing attack. While I hope to see one of the rookie tight ends emerge, it is only because it would be nice to get Heap some proper rest during the game. A fresh, healthy Heap is still the best option for this team and a formidable foe for other teams in the league.