Thank goodness for some real Ravens news, even if it is bad news.

The news is that Marc Bulger is coming to town, and he is in line to be the backup QB next season. The bad news is that I fear that this is the end to the Suggs package. I am joking.

Bulger is coming to the Ravens after being torn to shreds over the past couple of seasons in St. Louis. Truly the numbers aren’t pretty especially when it comes to sacks. This guy had an awful line and he did not perform.

But there are the good years to remember. He had 3 straight seasons with a passer rating over 90. He has been to the Pro Bowl twice. He is a proven veteran, and frankly a nice piece of insurance. Even if it is costing the Ravens $3.8 million. He should feel much more comfortable with this O-line and some solid offensive weapons

As for Troy Smith, he is going nowhere….yet. But with his trade demands and sour taste he has left in people’s mouths, I am guessing he is as good as gone and with him the old and ineffective Suggs package.

Truth is that I would rather have a proven veteran behind Flacco than have to deal with the Smith. Smith could be good, but he hasn’t had his chance to shine. Bulger has rocked in the past and there is no reason he can’t rock in the future.

I’m going to give Ozzie 2 thumbs up for decision. Do you like this signing?