Here We Are.

Baltimore Ravens season ticket holders have been greeted by a nice little unexpected package this week. According to FloeJacco (get it?) on the Ravens subreddit, PSL owners have all been sent replica pins of the Super Bowl XLVII rings.

They look something like this.

Baltimore Ravens give season ticket holder Super Bowl ring pins

That’s pretty awesome. I had something similar after the Ravens won Super Bowl XXXV. I’m not sure where it is though.

If you aren’t a season ticket holder, don’t worry there are plenty of these available on eBay. They range in price anywhere from $20-$35, with one crazy dude trying to charge $159.99.

That ain’t happening.

If I had to guess, I would assume that the pins will be available for fans to purchase at M&T Bank Stadium and online. Jostens offers several variations of fan rings, necklaces, bracelets and ear rings if you’re interested in something a little flashier.

Of course, you could also order a “replica” ring on eBay. They range from about $120-$280.