UPDATE 2: Dick Cass says that the Ravens will “make every effort to have one or more practices at M&T Bank Stadium.”  Get excited to pay to park for the Ravens one public practice!

UPDATE: Ken Murray of the Sun is reporting that it’s a done deal.  No training camp at McDaniel this season.  McDaniel’s vice president of administration and finance, Ethan Seidel, made it official in a statement on Wednesday afternoon.

It appears Ravens training camp at McDaniel College won’t be happening this season.  While the owners and players continue to struggle to split $9 billion, fans suffer without training camp in Westminster.

Nestor Aparicio posted a status on facebook breaking the news to Ravens fans.  “Looks like Ravens training camp in Westminster is dead for 2011…sucks for Carroll County and purple fans…” he wrote.

Aparacio updated that there is still an outside chance that training camp could be at Westminster, but that “time is slipping through the hourglass.”

What a shame.  How long ’til hockey starts?