NFL announces referees for Thursday's Browns vs. Ravens game
Sadly, no Hochuli or Klum tonight.

Ed Hochuli has became the face (or perhaps the biceps) of the real referees during their labor dispute with the NFL. As I’m sure you’ve heard numerous times this morning, the replacement refs have been replaced with the non-replacement/competent/properly trained/real officials.

I was hoping for a Hochuli gun show tonight in Baltimore, but unfortunately we won’t be getting it. Albert Breer of the NFL Network tweeted the referee starting line up (if there is such a thing) for tonight’s Browns vs. Ravens game and it looks like Hochuli will be at home doing bicep curls.

Gene Steratore is the referee, Bill Schuster the umpire, Wayne Mackie is the head linesman, Jeff Seeman will be the line judge, Bob Waggoner the field judge, Jimmy De Bell the side judge and Greg Steed the back judge.

WAIT. Are these replacement referees?

I don’t know. Truthfully, I can only name like 3.5 NFL refs.