That didn’t take long.

Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith hasn’t even caught a ball yet and he’s already frustrated with Baltimore fans.  The frustration has been brewing in the Ravens locker room already this week as Terrell Suggs called out fans for jumping off the bandwagon and Smith tweeted that they need to have more faith in the Ravens coaching staff.

“I love how people try to put twitter and learning the playbook together,” Smith tweeted.  He added that the Ravens rookie wide receivers are smart, “just relax and let us grow.”

I love how people try to put twitter and learning the playbook together haha our rookie wrs are smart just relax and let us grow
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Smith posted later that fans need to let the coaches coach.  “Coach Hos, Cameron, and Harbaugh have been coaching a long time for a reason..they know what they are doing,” he wrote.

I can only imagine the type of crap that Smith and Suggs received on twitter after the Ravens disappointing loss to Tennessee.  However, if you want to publicly expose yourself online, you have to take the compliments with the smack talk.  The Ravens dropped the ball on Sunday and should recognize that their fans are frustrated.  Hopefully it doesn’t get to the rookie’s head.