The offseason was a whirlwind for the Ravens. The locker room was just cleared out when the first big news item hit and the chaos lasted right until the beginning of training camp.

Rex Ryan takes the head coaching job with the Jets- This was big news but wasn’t something unexpected. Ryan was due his chance for head coaching job and he got it.

George Kokinis becomes the Browns GM- Ozzie lost his Director of Pro Personnel. Come to find out, Kokinis wouldn’t be in the job very long.

Ravens release Chris McAlister- long time CB is given his walking papers. Many close to the organization saw this coming.

Bart Scott follows Rex to the Meadowlands- The Ravens offered some big numbers, but Scott wanted to stay with Rex

Foxworth is first big signing- The Maryland native takes the job with the home team.
Jason Brown heads to the Rams- This signing had fans nervous.

Leonhard also bolts for the jets- Leonhard goes to the Jets with little attention paid to him by the Ravens.

Ray Ray re-signs with Baltimore – Apparently the FA market wasn’t calling for #52. The Ravens made him a fair offer and he will hopefully finish his career in B’more.

Matt Birk replaces Brown at Center- Phew. The former All-Pro leaves the land of the North to play on this revamped line.

Ravens and Stover part ways- The Ravens make it clear to only member of the Ravens to actually play for the original Browns that he would no longer be needed. This move would seem to haunt them all off season and beyond.

Ravens sign Chris Carr- Carr comes into to play nickel back and return specialist.
LJ Smith is a Raven- The fragile Philly TE tries to start anew in B’more.

Kyle Boller joins Brown in St Louis- I hear he can throw the ball 60 yards through the upright from his knees.

Oher heads a strong draft class- The Ravens trade up to sign this stud. They also score Paul Kruger, Ladarious Webb, and Davon Drew.

Ravens workout and sign Kelley Washington – They thought they were getting a reserve wideout. Little did they know that they were getting their 3rd receiver and best celebrator.

Willie Anderson Retires- With Oher in the mix, Willie Anderson calls it quits.

McNair is murdered- The former QB is mourned by fans and former teammates.

Mason Retires- Dealing with his friend’s death and other personal issues, Mason shocks the Ravens by stepping away from the game.

Sizzle gets his big deal- The disgruntled franchise player gets his due and makes a ton of money.

Mason returns- Everybody cheers and gives a sigh of relief and Mason comes back for maybe his last year.

Like I said, it was crazy. Looking back, what do you think was the biggest news item for the Ravens in the 2009 offseason.