This little bit in Mike Florio’s Power Rankings caught my eye today.  Florio does have the Ravens ranked #2 right now, which I was pleased with.  What I found odd, was not so much that Florio had the Jets, a team the Ravens beat on the road, ranked ahead of the good guys.  What shocked me was his comments regarding a Jets/Ravens re-match:

2.  Baltimore Ravens  (No. 4; 3-1):  Yeah, the Jets and Ravens have the same record. Yeah, the Ravens beat the Jets by a point.  But if there were a rematch today, it wouldn’t be that close — and the Ravens wouldn’t win.

I get it that Rex Ryan has turned the Jets into the media darling for the season.  Good for Rex and the Jets.  What have the Jets done to cause Florio to make such bold statements?  Beat the Dolphins, Bills and the overrated Pats??  They have feasted on the AFC East, but that is not exactly a hearty meal.  I also seem to remember the national media saying the Ravens 1 point victory over the Jets was not that close of a game.  The Ravens were clearly the better team that night, have matched the Jets record, against a tougher schedule while playing 3 of 4 on the road.  Let’s not engage in revisionist history, Mr. Florio.

Have the Jets shown that much better than the Ravens since week 1?