If you thought you were Baltimore’s biggest Ravens fan, think again.  That title belongs to Major Stephanie Rawlings-Blake who treated guests to $2,920.52 worth of food and nonalcoholic beverages in a skybox at M&T Bank Stadium last season.

Did I mention that was taxpayer money?

According to Luke Broadwater at the Baltimore Sun, that’s 325 bucks a game and the food/drinks sold to the governor and mayor are sold “at cost” as opposed to the 4x mark up we get in the cheap seats.

If you’re getting an invite to a Rawlings-Blake party, I recommend Steelers Week.  She purchased (can you call it that when it’s our money?) the “Steelers Option Play Package.”  Broadwater describes it as “a smorgasbord of food that included beef tenderloin, tomato bisque, jumbo shrimp cocktail, Maryland crab cakes, shrimp tacos and red velvet cupcakes.”

Mmmm. Red velvet cupcakes.

Broadwater wrote that typically the mayor and her BFFs chow down on “beef sliders, clam casino dip, Chesapeake crab dip, pizza, buffalo wings, gourmet cheese, tea cookies, pumpkin cheesecake and cookies and creme cupcakes.”

If you can’t get an invite from Rawlings-Blake, try Governor O’Malley.  It won’t be as high-class, but he spent $2,348.90 of your money at Ravens games last season too.