Ray Lewis weighs in on Ahmad Brooks’ personal foul.

Is it too early for Christmas?

I hope not, because Ray Lewis is in the spirit of giving. During ESPN’s Monday Night Countdown, the former Ravens linebacker pulled out his American Express card and offered to pay half of whatever fine the NFL hands Ahmad Brooks for his hit on Drew Brees.

If you missed the hit, here’s a GIF:

Ahmad Brooks hits Drew Brees, Ray Lewis offers to pay fine

“I’m going to do something personally,” Lewis said, card in hand. “I’m going to pay half of it.”

“Defenders have to be respected as men before anything else,” he added. “Sometimes we just look at the position and say ‘oh well they’re just defenders’ — they’re men.”

I’m not sure what that last part means, but okay. Hopefully the NFL doesn’t fine Brooks at all for the hit. It’s already a questionable call, I can’t imagine it would be fineable.

But it would be interested to see if Lewis sticks to his word.