Having formerly worked in the Cockeysville area, I was able to watch the transformation of the Hunt Valley Town Center. Crappy restaurants were replaced with nicer ones, Wegmans (the greatest grocery store in the world) was built and Wal-Mart moved out for a new project by Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis.

Two years ago Lewis announced MVP Lanes, an upscale bowling alley featuring a sushi bar and restaurant. Today, Lewis’ project “has devolved into a swirl of lawsuits,” according to Gus Sentementes of the Baltimore Sun.

The project’s subcontractors have complained that they are owed over $1.1 million and building has stalled. Today, MVP Lanes features boarded off windows and a chain linked fence around what would be the front door.

All signs point to the project being scrapped, Ray Lewis’ official website no longer mentions MVP Lanes and the project’s homepage, MVPEntertainment.com, is offline.

It’s crazy to think that a guy who signed a $22 million contract three seasons ago can’t seem to get this project off the ground.  Hunt Valley would have been a perfect location for an upscale bowling alley like this, but after reading the details in The Sun, I can’t imagine Lewis can pick up the pieces to finish MVP Lanes.