In back to back weeks I’ve mentioned on the BSR podcast that the Ravens should keep linebacker Ray Lewis on the sideline as long as they can afford to do so.  Lewis has been bothered by a turf toe injury for three straight weeks and the Ravens haven’t missed a beat without him.

There’s no doubt that Ray Lewis is the pulse of the Ravens locker room and the greatest motivator they have, but it isn’t worth putting him on the field with the potential that Baltimore has to make a deep run into the playoffs.

After another Ravens victory, this week against the Indianapolis Colts, Lewis’ praises were sung once again by the Baltimore’s on-field leader of the defense, Terrell Suggs.  “We’re all just doing our part, holding the levies until the general (Ray Lewis) comes back,” Suggs said according to

“Don’t be fooled, this is still Ray Lewis’ team.” Suggs added that when the defense comes off the field they “get an earful from him.”  While many have pondered if Lewis would eventually coach after leaving the game, Suggs seems to think that he’s certainly a go enough motivator to put on the headset.