Sure countless NFL players argue with referees, but how many guys have the courage to walk up to a referee and “promise” them that they made an incorrect call? The only one I’ve ever heard of is Ray Lewis.

“I went to him as a man and said, ‘There’s no way you can make that call physically with your eyes,’ Ray Lewis told Aaron Wilson following Ravens safety Bernard Pollard’s personal foul on Deji Karim.  “I promised him that he made the wrong call,” Lewis told the media on Tuesday.

Pollard put a shot on Karim, one that left him on the ground for a few seconds likely wondering where he was, but slow motion revealed that he led with his shoulder and put on a good clean hit.  Even the ESPN crew disagreed with the penalty.

‘”For him to say, ‘I promise you that call was right,’ that takes away from the pureness of how aggressive defenses play,” Lewis added.

When asked about the hit, Pollard said that he doesn’t expect to be receive a fine.