Ray Lewis took to facebook and twitter on Wednesday evening to encourage fans to sign a petition to block the NFL Lockout next season.

On his facebook page Lewis wrote, “To all my Friends out there… Its playoff time and I’m Focused. I need you guys to sign the petition at NFLLockout.com and share with all your friends. Only 50 days left. Baltimore wouldn’t be the same without a Ravens season next year! God Bless.”

The petition on NFLLockout.com features a countdown clock to the lockout, 48 days and counting, and seems to be positioned from a player’s standpoint.  One of the bullet points on the site’s “About” section says, “Everything the players have today is a result of a past fight for basic rights.”

Regardless of the side, every fan wants football in 2011.  Here’s the link to the petition, now go do as Ray says.