Ray RiceMeeting girls can be hard. Especially on Valentines Day.

But despite the level of difficulty involved in striking up a conversation with a lady friend, I wouldn’t suggest creating a fake facebook page and acting like Ray Rice. I know — it seems like I shouldn’t even have to say this, but someone out there is doing it and they’ve ruined recess for everyone.

Rice said he recently began receiving messages on Facebook from fans claiming a man started a page using his name, even stooping so low as to use pictures of Rice’s child, and that the person was using the page to try to pick up women and girls under 18.

“We had one girl who responded to this person saying she was going to Maryland Live! Casino that evening and an hour later he checked in on his Facebook page at Maryland Live! Casino,” Ray Rice’s publicist Deb Poquette said.

Rice’s public relations representatives said he wanted 11 News to report the story because he said his No. 1 priority is the safety of his fans, especially young ones.

Rumor has it Manti Teo was hanging out at the Maryland Live! Casino waiting for a nice steak dinner with Ray Rice.