Ray Rice“What Cincinnati and Pittsburgh did today means nothing to me,” Ray Rice said from behind his fake glasses. “It absolutely means nothing.”

For the second straight week, the Baltimore Ravens missed out on an opportunity to clinch a playoff berth. With a pair of home games against the Manning brothers coming up, it’s not getting any easier.

“I couldn’t give two craps about what another team does,” Rice went on obviously wanting his team to not back in to the playoffs.

“We gotta get ourselves back,” he added. “The state of our team is to get better and it’s to find a way to win games when they’re close like this.”

The Ravens blew an eight point lead with 4:47 left in the game in Washington. Last week, they let a seven point lead slip away with 4:50 remaining in the third quarter.

“When you got a team up in that kind of situation, you’ve got to find a way to put them away.”

I think he meant “down in that kind of situation” or “up on a team in that kind of situation”. Either way, the Ravens can’t keep blowing these types of games.

It would take a wacky scenario for the Ravens to miss the postseason, but the way they look now, even if they do make it, they won’t be there for long.