Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice has followed in BSR’s foot steps and gone green. On Thursday, Rice talked to Mike Mazzeo of ESPN New York at the Nets/Jazz game and told him that he is pulling for the New York Jets to win it all.

“I think they got a good chance [to beat the Steelers on Sunday],” Rice — who was sitting courtside at the Prudential Center, watching the New Jersey Nets take on the Utah Jazz on Wednesday night — told ESPN

“Our teams are similar and they possess the same problems for the Steelers that we possess. I think Rex [Ryan] is going to come up with a great game plan — and if they execute it, I think they have a chance.”

Rice did say that his original AFC Championship predicted was Ravens versus Jets, but now the Jets are his “favorite to win it.”

I’m glad to see more of the Ravens community on board with BSR’s green movement.

Say it with me now, “J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS!”