Ray Rice - Baltimore Ravens RBMaybe Ray Rice didn’t watch the same game I did. It’s good to see that he’s remaining positive after a frustrating loss against a division rival, but some of his postgame comments left me scratching my head.

“We were able to do what we had to do, just they made a little bit more plays than we had in the game,” Rice told reporters. Interesting. What is it that the Ravens had to do in Pittsburgh? I guess Rice didn’t have any intentions of winning? That apparently wasn’t on the Ravens todo list.

Baltimore had 287 yards of total offense on seven drives. SEVEN! But hey, they didn’t turn the ball over. I guess that’s what Rice was talking about.

“I wasn’t kidding when I said I was feeling good. Obviously, I got my step back,” Rice added. 15 carries for 45 yards, 3.0 yards per attempt. Is that Rice getting his “step back”? Oof, I hope not. Maybe he’s referring to those four catches for 27 yards?

He did break one for 13 yards — almost a season-high (14). And you were worried about that five-year, $40 million deal.

“Tempo looked good — execution. I mean, we probably could have made a few more plays, but the thing is we got better on offense. We would have loved to win the game, we had a total team effort. We just got to get better in all phases.”

Yeah, I would have loved for them to win the game too. Web traffic would have been better, social media would have been more bearable and I wouldn’t have to catch crap from Steelers fans all day. But hey, at least they got better.

That 287 yards of total offense is better than their season-low, 236 against Houston in week three. Those 19 first downs were more than the 15 they had last week against Green Bay. And that 205 yards passing, well that’s more than they 197 they had against Cleveland in week two and 44 more than the 161 they put up against the Texans in week three. Talk about an improvement!

“You know, we got better on offense today. We need to find out who we are on offense and find out who we are as a team when we come back off the bye.”

I’d much rather listen to Terrell Suggs take responsibility after a tough loss than listen to a guy say that things are fine and dandy. Losing in Pittsburgh is never pleasant. Losing in Pittsburgh and talking about how great things are is just awful.