Red Eye’s Dock Bar, located in Ravens territory — Kent Island, Maryland, has converted to a Pittsburgh Steelers Fan Club Bar.  The popular Key West themed bar posted the news on their Facebook page this morning and have been receiving grief from the hometown fans ever since.

Some folks response to the news has been hysterical.

  • I hope a hurricane washes this place into the sea.
  • Done. Throwing out my red eye’s t-shirts. How do I unlike this page.
  • Bikini Contest & Steelers Women? WOOF!! Better reinforce that stage! Cross that place off my “places to go” list!
  • Women….Avoid the bathrooms there at all cost!!!!
  • Burn it.
  • Was this supposed to be posted on April Fools Day?
Needless to say, the management at Red Eye’s is feeling the heat, they issued a statement regarding the many, many negative comments they received about the “transition.”

Red Eye’s Dock Bar takes great pride in being an establishment where everyone is welcome. Our guests come from several regions including MD, PA, VA, NJ, DC, and more. During the summer we see jerseys representing just about every team in the NFL not to mention an endless number of colleges.

Over the past three years we have tried to establish Red Eye’s as a place where NFL fans could come to watch the games during football season. We wanted to have fans come to watch both College and Pro Games so that we could remain open and keep our staff employed throughout the fall/winter months.

We promoted and publicized it yet had very little turn out. We were forced to limit our days and hours of operation because of the lack of turn out. When we were approached to become a Steeler Bar we saw absolutely no reason not to accommodate them based on the lack of interest and support from other teams fans.

We are disappointed at some of the negative comments that we have received, but we will focus on the positive comments and calls. What makes football so much fun is the rivalries and being fans of our favorite teams. But let’s all remember the most important thing about football or any sport, it should always be in the spirit of good sportsmanship.

Red Eye’s Dock Bar will always be a place where everyone is welcome regardless of what team you are rooting for.

Thanks to our friends at Maryland’s Team and for first sharing the news.