Today in the SVP Lounge, CT and Dan convene to discuss the latest disaster in the Randy Edsall era, an embarrassing loss to Bowling Green at home. The guys discuss their feelings in the aftermath of the game, the program going forward and how it’s handcuffed to Edsall, a change in quarterback, Wenyen Gabriel’s visit and Dan’s business ideas.

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Topics discussed include:

  • Podcast is back on track, just CT and Dan tonight, Eric and Matt will be on tomorrow
  • Dan wants to have a podcast-sponsored channel on a popular adult website
  • Maryland loses to Bowling Green
  • CT goes to the Terps game, the rest of the guys go to a beer festival in Annapolis
  • Dan talks about not prioritizing Maryland football, made the right call to skip the game
  • Attendance was low, minimal tailgating scene
  • Rain delay cleared any small attendance out
  • Dan says he was over the loss as it was happening, won’t let it ruin his fall by putting stock into the results
  • CT was severely distraught after the game, will not do that again
  • The guys warn of getting too high on the thought of Dwayne
  • Haskins coming to the rescue next year, he’ll still only be a freshman
  • A friend of the pod suggests the program is handcuffed to Randy Edsall with Dwayne Haskins in the fold. The program can’t move forward without firing Randy, but to move forward you also need Haskins — who is tied to Randy
  • It’s tough five years in and not see a whole lot of progress. The Bowling Green is among the two worsts losses of Randy’s tenure
  • Maryland is a -7.5 point favorite over South Florida
  • Randy makes a change at quarterback, Caleb Rowe is the new starter
  • It’s maddening that Rowe wasn’t name the starter initially, also maddening Randy hasn’t recruited a quarterback in five years
  • There is still time to turn it around!
  • Maryland basketball has a big time visitor in five star recruit Wenyen Gabriel, CT spots him leaving after the first quarter
  • What kind of impression do you think he got from the football game?
  • Sounds like the visit went well
  • Dan had several ideas that have turned into real-world products. He claims he thought of Snuggies in the 7th grade, recently found k-cup soups and claimed he thought of that years ago