Today in the SVP Lounge, CT, Dan, Eric and Matt discuss an actual football game with the Terrapins first week match against the Richmond Spiders. They get into Perry Hills winning the quarterback battle, tailgating, watching the game at a wedding, the Maryland-Under Armour New York Times story, the new court at the Xfinity Center, the release of the Big Ten basketball schedule and much more.

If you haven’t already listened, check out our 2015 football season preview and The Maryland Draft. It’s great way to get ready for Saturday and to enjoy throughout your Labor Day weekend.

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Topics discussed include:

  • Perry Hills wins the quarterback battle over Caleb Rowe and Daxx Garman
  • The guys give their thoughts on the first week starter. Dan considers it a conservative move by Randy Edsall
  • Eric is a little higher on Hills, admires his GRIT and TOUGHNESS
  • CT thinks Hills was picked because he outperformed his counterparts at camp, but he wonders if Rowe or Garman play the first three games against weaker opponents, if they’d round into form
  • Eric to miss his first home game since high school
  • Dan talks about his college visit to Virginia, he hated it
  • The guys digress and debate the merits of the SAT
  • “Some people were good at smoking cigarettes in the bathroom and some people are good at the SATs”
  • CT gives an intel rundown on the Richmond Spiders
  • Matt joins the pod, has just returned from meeting Uncle Fred at the Moose Creek Lodge to split the family’s football tickets
  • Dan wants to tailgate and leave, Matt wants to only go to the game — Both are a working on their logistics
  • Eric and CT will be at weddings, share their watching strategies
  • The guys talk the Maryland-Under Armour New York Times story and the nuggets within the article. Can’t beat that kind of press!
  • Kevin Anderson apparently involved in the original Maryland Pride uniform brainstorming session
  • The new basketball court at the Xfinity Center has been officially unveiled and my God is it sexy
  • The guys reel off Maryland’s Big 10 conference basketball schedule and give their expectations after the first three games of conference play
  • Town Hall Liquors is being sold
  • Matt is surprised Rowe wasn’t picked to be the starter, says if Hills underperforms it’s all on Edsall. If Rowe would’ve started, it’d be on him
  • Everyone worried that Hills isn’t very good, everyone is also scared of the offensive line
  • Enjoy the holiday weekend!