It’s nearly September, and that means Maryland football is knocking on the door. With the season a little over a week away, the Red Shell Radio boys have returned to the Baltimore Sports Report for the 2015-16 Maryland sports year.

Red Shell Radio will, for the fourth year, once again begin recording every Monday to break down the week in Maryland football, basketball and whatever else comes to mind. The pod will record weekly from now all the way through the Maryland basketball season, providing news, analysis, trash talk and irreverence in what should be another fun (And hopefully special) year.

Today on Red Shell Radio, Dan, Matt and Eric join CT in the SVP Lounge, live and in person to kick of their fourth season of podcasting. To get things started this year, the pod holds “The Maryland Draft,” where the guys each draft three University of Maryland-related items. With 12 overall picks, the guys select things like Under Armour, the Maryland flag, Testudo and much more.

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And look out tomorrow for a monstrous, Maryland football preview podcast.

Topics discussed include:

  • Red Shell Radio is back for its fourth season, kicking off the year with the Maryland draft
  • CT is terrible with his phone, plays mean voicemail Matt leaves him
  • The guys will go through and draft 12 Maryland-related items
  • Eric takes the national championship team with the first pick
  • The guys run into Gary Williams in Rehoboth Beach
  • Dan selects the Thirsty Turtle, says it defines his college career
  • CT picks the Maryland flag with the third pick
  • The “What are your bottom five states?” discussion starts, but is ultimately tabled, Matt considers Pennsylvania and Ohio bottom five
  • Matt takes Under Armour with the fourth pick
  • Eric takes Scott Van Pelt, one of the most visible Maryland alums, always pumping up the Terps
  • Dan takes the Gary Williams fist pump
  • CT takes noon kickoffs, the guys talk about how noon kicks have defined the recent Maryland football fan experience, getting to the parking lot early to tailgate and streaming the game on the internet
  • Matt takes non revenue sports
  • Eric takes Chick-fil-a in Stamp Student Union, agreed that the food court as a whole is top notch
  • Dan continues to draft on nostalgia and drafts the $54.99 keg of Natural Light at Town Hall Liquors
  • CT takes Testudo, they all comment on his various forms
  • Matt takes Debbie Yow spending irresponsibly, defends her track record as an athletics director
  • Eric’s girlfriend Amy steps in as an impartial judge, declares CT the winner
  • Dan runs down everyone’s draft classes, declares Eric his winner
  • The guys don’t want to do the draft again next year
  • CT reels off the “undrafted free agents”