I’ve been to Fenway Park in Boston and sat in the bleachers at Yankee Stadium 2.0.  I’ve strolled down Eutaw Street when fans have been decked out in pinstripes and endured the worse accent in the world screaming “Let’s Go Red Sox” at Camden Yards.

The Yankee fans have come and gone for their first trip to Baltimore and now it’s the Bostonians turn.  Having dealt with both fan bases, I’m here to tell you that the Red Sox fans have eclipsed the New Yorkers as the worst in baseball.

Both teams fan bases are full of front runners and any Oriole fan that takes a trip to the Yard while either of the AL East’s $200 million teams are in town will notice more of the   opposing team fans in the stands despite seeing far more Maryland license plates in the parking lot than those from up north.  But even with all that said, Red Sox fans have won the battle of worst in baseball, here’s why.

For years Sox fans invaded Baltimore without a thing to be proud of, they’re team’s legacy was choking down the stretch and not winning a World Series in a century.  Since then of course Boston was blessed by the steroid era which awarded them with two championships.  The biggest pieces of their 2004 and 2007 teams are cheaters in baseball. One of them, Manny Ramirez, just retired after failing his second drug test in his career. The other, David Ortiz, blames his power decline on poor eye site. So what does Boston have to be proud of after the steroid era?  I say nothing, but that doesn’t stop them from being obnoxious at the best ballpark in America, Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

Neither the Red Sox or Yankees are truly a rival to the Orioles as the two teams have been rivals themselves for most of the last fifteen years. The hatred Boston has for New York cracks me up because, let’s be honest, Boston wants desperately to be New York. That’s right, as much as the Sox fans hate the Yankees fans they’re like that couple in a bad romantic comedy that realizes halfway through the movie just how much they have in common before falling in love with each other and living happily ever after.

Their team has a captain, their fans cheer for every fly ball hit out the infield and they are tarnishing the great game of baseball by spending more money than ten teams combined. Of course, the only way to shut them up is to beat them. The bandwagon fans will flock to another winner and the Bostonians will stop traveling south.  The O’s swept Boston in Baltimore last year, let’s see what they can do this week.