Despite a relatively short career in Baltimore, Charles “Bubba” Smith will go down as one of the most beloved Colts in team history. The overall first pick of the 1967 draft, Bubba’s 6’7″ frame was probably what made him stand out more than anything. He was a giant of a man for his time, yet despite his Herculian stature, Bubba’s smile and sense of humor made him the man he was. This personality translated well for him in the late 70’s hit movies “Police Academy” series were he played Moses Hightower. Hightower was a character very similar to the man himself, a gentle giant, which is probably why it worked so well.

The thing I remember most about Bubba was his local TV sales pitch for a law firm that he promoted. The commercial appeared shortly after the Colts high-tailed it to Indianapolis. At the end of the commercial, he mentioned the lawfirm’s name (even though I remember it, I won’t give the free publicity) and he stated “Still my team, still in Baltimore” a slap at the Indy franchise.

A Super Bowl V champion who only played 5 seasons in Baltimore, he’s yet another Baltimore Colt great that we lost too soon.

Rest in Peace Charles “Bubba” “Moses Hightower” Smith.

Martin Wilt is a lifelong Baltimore sports fan and contributor to