I’ve gotta tell you that this subject is really eating me up. I was a huge Steve McNair fan during his two years in Baltimore and I respected and feared him during his 11 years in Tennessee. He was a great competitor and out an outstanding quarterback.

It’s been one hell of a week and honestly this is the first athlete I was a fan of and had watched personally that has passed away.

The details of his death continuing to make their way out to the public. McNair died from two gunshot wounds to the head and a female victim, 20 year old Sahel Kazemi, was found dead with one gunshot wound to the head.

It appears that Steve McNair was cheating on his wife with Kazemi, who murdered him and then took her own life. However, that has not been made official. Kazemi did purchase the gun that was found at the scene.

I’ve listened to the reactions of fans on the subject and it’s tearing me apart. I personally have not been able to get past the fact that McNair was murdered to start critiquing his personal life. The subject of adultery has gone from a personal issue, to an athlete issue, and even a race issue. I can’t agree with any of those opinions and there aren’t even enough to details to make a good enough argument.

As a Ravens’ fan, a McNair fan, and an owner of the guy’s jersey, I ask you as fans to take this time to reflect on Steve McNair the athlete. Remember the shots he took while throwing a pass down the field. Remember the 2006 thirteen win season and the 16 touchdowns. Remember the constant smiles and the hope he brought to Baltimore.

Rest In Peace Steve.
You will be missed.