Maryland (12-5, 2-2) stayed close with Florida State (12-6, 3-1) for the first half and even had the lead with 17:18 to go. However, a couple of threes by Deividas Dulkys led the Seminoles on a run to put the team up 61-45. The Terps were unable to recover and suffered their second ACC loss. The game reminded me of the fight between Anderson Silva and Vitor Belfort. Everything is going fine, and then WHAM!!! lights out (begin at 2:10 mark). Let’s check out the report card.

Pe’Shon Howard C
4 points, 4 assists. He floated through the game and never made a mark on the game. Pe’Shon is such a solid passer and the team runs so much smoother when he gets the ball to teammates in their spots.

Terrell Stoglin A
Stoglin was a beast again tonight scoring 27 points but he also contributed in other ways adding 4 assists and 3 boards. He came to play but could never get another running mate to go with him. As a player this year, his decision making and growth has been a pleasure to watch. If only the Terps could find a Scottie.

Sean Mosley C-
For as well as Sean Mosley played against Georgia Tech, he could not get anything going in Tallahassee. He also seemed to float during periods of the game as well.

James Padgett D
Unfortunately, Padgett could not channel Moses tonight and looked more like Kwame Brown. He had 8 points and 3 boards but he never could get going against the tall and imposing front line of the Seminoles.

Alex Len D-
Unfortunately, Len ran up against a tall and talented front line of Florida State. They negated his size and advantage he has most nights against other players and his production showed it as he tallied just three points, three rebounds, and a block. He may not be an offensive force but he needs to make his presence known on the defensive end.

Bench B+
The Terps bench really played well and helped the team. Both Nick Faust and Mychal Parker made strong contributions but in different ways. Faust scored 10 points and Parker had 6 points and 7 boards. The Terps also got good contributions from Ashton Pankey and Berend Weijs.
Sub of the game: Mychal Parker

Mark Turgeon C+
The key stretch of the game was at the 17:18 mark when the Terps took the lead and then proceeded to go down 61-45. Turgeon could not stop the momentum and by the time the Terps recovered, the damage was already done.

Maybe You Missed It

The Terps have played a grand total of two road games and have lost both (NC State and FSU). The Terps need to get road wins to even sniff the NCAA tournament and their next chance is Saturday at 11 AM at the Palestra when they play Temple. Hopefully the whole team comes ready to play.