In my mind, there’s no question about it. Ray Rice is the number one back for the Baltimore Ravens.

With his 77 yard rushing, 10 reception 117 yard, 2 touchdown performance in Minnesota, Rice definitely sealed the deal for me.

There was a lot of talk as to whether the Ravens should be utilizing the “three headed monster” more this season like they did last year. Le’Ron McClain had a pro bowl 2008 season and a certain media personality still seems to think that Willis McGahee is the best back on the team.

To me, it’s about more than just the numbers. Ray Rice provides the Ravens offense with something that neither McClain nor McGahee can offer. When Derrick Mason gets shut down by defenses and receivers are covered down field, Rice is that dump off man that Flacco looks too.

He’s explosive off the line, makes catches in the middle of the field, and he can’t be taken down.