I asked this guy, “Why should the O’s hire Dempsey?”

He replied, “Why not?”

It wasn’t the convincing argument that I had hoped for, but it seems to be the overwhelming sentiment of Orioles fans.

I can’t help but think that these fans are so blinded by their frustration that they don’t know what they are asking for. There is a lot to like about Rick Dempsey. He was a good player on a great team. He represents a time when the Orioles played ball the right way. He has a charming personality. But what he doesn’t have is significant. He doesn’t have a history of winning as a manager.

The Orioles have given to many 1st time managers a chance: Lee Mazzilli, Sam Perlozzo, Dave Trembley, and Juan Samuel. Now is not the time to do it again, especially with someone that the fans actually like. It’s a lose- lose situation. If and when the Dempsey experiment fails, then the Orioles will have to fire one of their own. A hero is disgraced and the O’s have wasted another 2 years.

If you want Dempsey, you have got to give me more than “Why not?’ because “Why not?” might lead to 2 more years of misery and more lost fans.