On Sunday evening, I took part in my first five kilometer run for Nick Markakis‘ foundation.

The race took place through the hilly Patterson Park on Sunday at 6 PM. Christina Markakis made the opening announcements, where we found out that Nick hit a two run homer to tie the game at 6. He would be running a little late since the game lasted 13 innings.

Over 550 people ran in the 5K and I finished in the middle of the pack. It was incredibly hot, but it felt like the hottest day of the summer.

After the race concluded, Christina, Nick, and Matt Wieters made an appearance to the fans and the Mark Viviano introduced the Oriole stars.

Christina and Nick handed out the awards by age group and overall racers.

I’ve never seen Nick show any signs of a personality when he’s on the playing field or being interviewed, the race wasn’t any different.

But hey, as long as he keeps putting up those numbers who cares?