Stop me if you’ve heard this one already.

(Decatur Police Department/)
(Decatur Police Department/)

Just nine days after the Baltimore Ravens signed Rolando McClain to a one-year deal worth 700K, the troubled young linebacker was arrested in Decatur, Ala and charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

WHNT News out of Huntsville, Ala reports that McClain was arrested late Sunday night in the same town he vowed to stay away from shortly after signing his deal with Baltimore.

According to the news report, eyewitnesses told the station that police officers had ordered a large crowd out of Pines Park in Decatur. After ignoring orders, McClain – who was in the crowd – allegedly refused to do so, and began shouting and cursing at officers, thus placed under arrest. McClain posted $1,000 dollars bond and was released.

It was a mere 10 days ago that I wrote this piece on McClain shortly before the Ravens made the signing official about how McClain was going to turn his life around.

I thought it was a smart signing and a golden opportunity to improve the linebacker core, provided McClain could stay out of trouble. In the process, gain the opportunity for a fresh new start with a model franchise and help a winning team on the field with skills that had been masked by off-field trouble.

I’m amazed at how wrong I was. He barely lasted a week.

The organization is waking up this morning to the news and trying to gather all the information possible.

Senior Vice President for Public and Community Relations, Kevin Byrne stated, “We are seeking more facts on this, the only information we have at this time is from news reports.”

It was a low-risk, potential high-reward signing for a team looking to upgrade at the linebacker position. But with the moves made this off-season and the look of the team being molded to fit head coach John Harbaugh’s style for his team – hard-working, respectful, high-character men – doesn’t bode well for McClain.

What is most amazing about all this is that last week, McClain met with both Harbaugh and Ozzie Newsome and spoke about how they were going to give him the opportunity to succeed.

Newsome told reporters after the meeting,

“Rolando is just getting an opportunity to come and make our 53-man roster. That’s it.. As for how he is going to conduct himself here, he is coming here just to be a part of this football team. I think the guys in the locker room will be able to provide him with the proper guidance that he needs as to the way John wants his football team and his football players to be.”

So much for that.

The Ravens were going to look far and wide for linebacker help with the NFL Draft just a few days away as the plan anyway. That intensifies now with the news of McClain’s latest arrest.

McClain, with all his troubles, may never get things figured out. He’s a highly immature 23-year old kid who has now received numerous opportunities to turn things around.

Once all facts are presented after Sunday night’s arrest, it may be the last chance he receives with the Baltimore Ravens or any NFL franchise. All of this coming well before he even puts on shoulder pads and straps on a helmet.

Knowing the team and the way Newsome goes about business, they had and still have a back-up plan in the event this happened again. And it did. McClain’s contract isn’t guaranteed, and with the way this team operates they are already looking at Plan B and C.

The organization is trying to commit to a better image for its franchise. This certainly didn’t help.

If you’re a Ravens fan, be thankful this didn’t occur in August or September.

With this latest arrest, its already time to cut ties and move on.


Matt Lund is a contributor for and co-host of the BSR Podcast. You can follow him on Twitter @MattCLund.