Major League Baseball is the only sport with two separate leagues, with a different set of rules and one league has two more teams than the other.  Hearing baseball purists say that the game should not be changed is laughable in my opinion.  How can you have so much disarray?

Over the weekend, ESPN’s baseball reporter Buster Olney reported some rumored changes to the league that has gotten the entire nation voicing their thoughts on how to fix the game.  Whatever comes of realignment or post season expansion, it certainly does nothing but help the Baltimore Orioles.

In short, Olney reported that the realignment proposal would create either three 5-team divisions in each league or two 15-team leagues, have interleague play throughout the season and expand the postseason to five teams from each league.

If you’re an Orioles fan and you just read that paragraph you should be jumping for joy.  Baltimore can remain in a division with New York and Boston and still have success under this new system because there looks to be more balance in the schedule than there is today.  Playing two of arguably the toughest teams in baseball 36 times a year automatically puts the Orioles in an up hill battle every season.  A more balanced schedule allows for more parity.

Should baseball allow two more teams to make the playoffs, Baltimore’s chances at success continue to rise.  MLB allows the fewest amount of teams into the postseason and even the purists we talked about above have enjoyed the excitement that the Wild Card has added.  So what if they make it two?

Now sure, these rules would not have helped the Orioles greatly over the past decade, but in the future they will make the game more competitive and give Baltimore an even greater chance and taking down the $200 million power houses in the game.

Olney reports that the players are pushing this movement forward and that realignment is  being “discussed” so far.