OriolesUhoh. Sounds like the Ravens could have to open their season on the road due to a scheduling conflict with their neighbors across the street.

The Orioles host the White Sox on Thursday September 5 after a nine game, three city road trip to Boston, New York and Cleveland. Unfortunately, the Super Bowl champs are supposed to be hosting their season opener at the exact same time. Jeff Zrebiec of the Baltimore Sun reports that both teams have been unable to compromise on a schedule change.

Commissioners Roger Goodell and Bud Selig have been involved, but “things haven’t worked out to this point.” It’s funny to me that the NFL, who has scheduled games during the World Series, is upset that that Major League Baseball won’t change it’s schedule for the Ravens home opener.

The simplest solution would be to move the Orioles game against the White Sox to 1 PM, but after a lengthy road trip the O’s seem unwilling to do so and I agree. This game takes place during the most critical month of the baseball season and the Orioles can’t afford to sacrifice it for the Ravens season opener.

Some have proposed a double header against Chicago on Saturday September 7, but I don’t see that as a great solution either. Players hate double headers and given the choice between two games on Saturday or an early game on Thursday, I think the O’s would choose to latter.

If I were in the Orioles front office I’d tell the Ravens sorry. This is a team that should be contending for the postseason and every inning counts, especially in September against contenders after long road trips. The Ravens have said they can’t open the season on Wednesday due to Rosh Hashana, although some fans have pointed out that the NFL plays games on Christmas and Thanksgiving without a problem.

The Ravens won a championship and if they really care to see the Orioles win one they’ll play their season opener on the road — or better yet on Sunday when football games should be played.

In the end, the Orioles will probably yield to the Ravens, because the NFL is king. Personally, I hope they stand their ground.