Last week before the Ravens took on the Jets, it was former defensive coordinator Rex Ryan that stirred things up with his comments about Michael McCrary‘s number being given to Paul Kruger.

Last night, Bart Scott continued to talk smack after the Ravens defeated the Jets 24-23.

Image Courtesy of the Baltimore Sun

When asked about how he felt to Rex Ryan being the head coach of the Jets, Scott said, “I love it. He was always the head coach.” Scott continued, “He was head coach of that football team last year, whether you guys know it or not. He kept that team together. The defense leads that team over there, and he controls the defense.”

Bart was always an advocate for Rex as the head coach of the Baltimore Ravens and has always been outspoken about everything.

In fact, even with the Ravens I have felt that Scott needed to replace that non-existent filter between his head and his mouth. He’s a fiery guy, but sometimes he goes too far. Remember this is the same guy that tossed a referee’s flag into the stands.

I wouldn’t worry too much about Scott.