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1) Is this a .500 team that is overachieving or underachieving?
A little of both. This team has the best record in the American League at home but the worst record in the league on the road. Those are going to have to even out a bit more eventually for the A’s to end up right in the middle at where I think they are – a .500 team.

2) What are, if any, differences from the team the O’s saw back in April?
Jack Cust is back as the team’s DH now. Also the A’s got Coco Crisp off the DL last weekend (though it looks like he’s about to go right back on, so the O’s likely won’t see him). Trevor Cahill has been a great in Brett Anderson’s absence and you guys will get to see him on Tuesday night.

3) What is the overall feeling on the Ben Sheets experiment?
For me, the Ben Sheets Experiment has been overall good. Without Sheets, this team would yet again have no veteran presence, as Justin Duchsherer has had trouble staying healthy. I know that can also be the case with Sheets so every game he gets out there is a plus. After getting roughed up earlier in the year, he’s put together three or four really good starts in a row.

4) Who is the hottest hitter(s) for the A’s at this point in time?
Without looking at any stats I’d say it’s Daric Barton, and that’s been the case since Opening Day. Let me go look at the stats now. (Click, click, click) OK, so Ryan Sweeney is hitting .320 in May while Daric Barton is hitting .259. May has been a down month for the A’s offensively, so there a lot of guys struggling and not many standouts.

5) Between Braden, Cahill, and Gonzalez, who do the O’s have the best chance to snag a win against?
Well since I was late answering your questions, and you guys already beat Braden, I will pick between Cahill and Gonzalez. And between the two, I’d say Cahill. It helps that he is opposing Brian Matsuz, who beat the A’s last time he faced them. Gio Gonzalez, other the other hand, is coming off 8 innings of shutout ball against the Giants over the weekend.

Extra Credit- What, if anything, can the O’s do to help Dalla Braden do to get pissed off and pitch a perfect game again?