This week we have Soggy Dave from the blog- Steelers Depot. I have to say that I did a great job in picking this blog to answer questions because, after reading this, I want the Ravens to beat the snot out of the Steelers all the more.

1) Let’s just get this out there…. How much do you hate the Ravens?
My hatred is a small notch above that of the Bengals and Browns. I enjoy
watching the Steelers crush the hopes of Ravens fans year in and year
out. I make animated computer images of Ravens fans stunned faces and
sadness and loop them over and over again. I then post these on Facebook
to share with the rest of Steeler Nation. I am pretty sure hell is full
of people from Baltimore wearing Grimace purple and acting like complete
jackasses. Did that answer your question?

2) The sports pundits were saying that the Steelers would be lucky to be
2-2 after the first the 4 games. Now they are on tap to possibly be 4-0,
How shocked are you that things have gone this well?

Nothing was impossible, but it was improbable. It just goes to show how a
team can use what the media says as a motivating device. This team has
had months of talk about how they would be lucky to go 2-2. The coaching
staff has used it very effectively. Steeler Nation is very proud of the
way it has gone down.

3) What scares you most about the Ravens this week?
I would say it is running back Ray Rice that poses the biggest threat going
into this week. Anquan Boldin is of course coming off a big game, but
Rice can make a defense dedicate a defensive back to the run game. Rice
is not only good running between the tackles, but can also contribute
heavily in the passing the game. He is what I call, Maurice Jones-Drew
Lite. If he does not play this week, the Ravens become a bit more
predictable on offense.

4) Do you feel the defense was overlooked coming into this season?
No, not really. The biggest concern was we did not know how healthy Troy
Polamalu actually was and how Bryant McFadden would fit back in on
defense after an off year in a different defensive scheme in Arizona. As
the film has showed, Polamalu is back 100% and McFadden has fit back in
nicely. We knew the linebacking core would be solid and felt good with
the defensive line getting back Aaron Smith at left end. I think most
thought the defense would be good this year, but perhaps not this good.

5) Does the success of the team in the absence of Ben Roethlisberger
diminish his perceived value to the team?

Absolutely not as Ben is the franchise quarterback. The 3-0 start is almost
a statement to Ben saying, they have his back until he returns.
Regardless of what happens this week against the Ravens, it is up to Ben
to drive the bus the rest of the way. It is nice to have guys like Byron
Leftwich and Charlie Batch for spot duty or a game here or there, but
this team needs Ben under center. A great defense can be made even
deadlier by an offense that can put points on the board when needed.
After our win this week, there will be no quarterback controversy

EC- With Ed Reed out for this game, who takes Hines Ward’s cheap shots!
Hopefully every Ratbird fan watching the game feels them more than the
players. Hines is a sure fire Hall of Famer as he is a complete wide
receiver. Tell the Ravens players to keep their head on swivel and their
skirts padded and they will not get hurt. Be well.