The puck drops in a seven hours and Capitals’ fans are itching for the playoffs to begin and for their team to get off to a good start against the New York Rangers. It’s no secret that the Capitals have had troubles against New York. In the middle of their eight game losing streak December, Washington fell 7-0 to the Rangers in New York in a game in which Alex Ovechkin fought Brandon Dubinsky.

It was a game that summarized the lowest part of the Capitals season and something that four months later, feels so far away.

Dmitry Chesnokov of Puck Daddy spoke with Alex Semin about the game and his thoughts on bouncing back against the Rangers.

When asked if the 7-0 loss was still fresh, Semin responded, “Yes. But we just have to take our revenge in the playoffs and everything is going to be alright.”

Semin was asked if the Capitals were ready for this playoff series, “Once again, it’s not like we were choosing,” Semin said. “If we got the Rangers, that means we will play the Rangers. We will come out and play our game.”
The full interview is over at Puck Daddy, definitely worth checking out if you’re a Caps fan.