Sergio Kindle might be the exception to the saying “In Ozzie We Trust.”

The second year linebacker was the Ravens first pick in the 2009 draft, but he didn’t see the field until 2011 after he missed an entire season recovering from a fractured skull that he suffered falling down two flights of stairs.

The Ravens kept Kindle on their roster and worked with him this season. John Harbaugh answered few questions about Kindle in his Monday press conferences as he was inactive 14 weeks of the regular season.

Ryan Mink of gave an update on Kindle for the fans that wondered what happened this season.

In short, the Ravens report that Kindle struggled learning the playbook and he worked closely with outside linebackers coach Ted Monachino to learn the team’s scheme.

Instead of just reading the playbook, Kindle started to draw the formations himself and then write in what his responsibilities are on each play, per offensive formation, per route.

“We just tried to find ways for it to stick and we did,” Kindle said. “It just simplified it for me.”

“Sergio has made tremendous progress in his learning of the playbook,” Monachino said.

“He is still in the process of learning the detail and taking the gray out of the playbook. We try to get things down to the lowest common denominator with all of our players. This process has been longer with Sergio because of a lot of different factors.”

It’s funny that Mink’s tagline for the article is, “OLB Sergio Kindle found a way to learn the playbook midway through the year.” That’s alarming. It took Kindle half of the season to learn the playbook? I haven’t played in a football league since I was 10 years old, but I think I could learn a playbook faster than that.

Who knows what Kindle’s future is with the Ravens. He certainly was talented with Texas, but he’s had some off field issues. Kindle was charged with DUI on December 27, 2010 after he missed his entire rookie season.