Sergio Kindle signs with Ravens practice squadThere’s a reason that the Baltimore Ravens public relations team wins awards for being the best in the NFL. They’re good at spreading positive news, but great at shhh’ing the negative.

The news of Terrell Suggs’ 2012 debut stole the show on Sunday morning — well, at least before the Ravens were crushed by the Texans — and it came just a day after the team released their 2010 top draft pick, Sergio Kindle.

Much like the disappointing news of the Ravens killing off their public training camp, the Kindle news was shared late in the week when fans were preparing for their weekend festivities. It’s a brilliant old PR tactic. Share good news early in the week and bad news late.

Why do you think Apple unveiled their new iPad mini on a Tuesday? It builds consumer hype for their presale on Friday and allows the media to talk about it all week long.

Just like America’s wealthiest corporation, the Ravens revealed some more early week good news when they reported that Kindle would be signing with the team’s practice squad. Now it’s a feel good story about a guy who suffered a freak injury who’s fighting back for a roster spot with the team that gave him a chance.

Not the letdown of a failed top draft pick with a checkered past who played briefly in two games in 2011.