Shawne MerrimanShawne Merriman was released by the Buffalo Bills this morning and Baltimore Ravens fans are already wondering how the Maryland Alum would look in purple.

The Ravens are certainly going to give Merriman a look.  At least that’s what Samuel Njoku of the Baltimore Examiner thinks.  “Pass rushers are too valuable,” he tweets.

Remember, the Ravens expressed interest in Merriman back in 2010 when he was placed on waivers by the San Diego Chargers.  Back then it was reported that Merriman “would love to land in Baltimore.”

Certainly the price will be a lot less expensive than the $3.269 million is would have cost Ozzie Newsome and the Ravens two years ago.  Although I tend to agree with Kris Jones of Ravens247, who tweeted that despite the Ravens needing a pass rusher, Merriman been released twice already and folks in Baltimore get too excited about University of Maryland guys.